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Our Champions

2022 WPCSA Year End Awards:


Rollingwoods Walk Softly
Half-Welsh & Part-Bred Hunter Ridden Welsh: National Champion
 Carriage Driving Driving: Reserve National Champion 
Junior Pleasure Driving: 3rd Nationally
Ride and Drive: 3rd Nationally
Open English Pleasure Classic: 4th Nationally 

Rollingwoods Walk Softly Undersaddle.jpg

Rollingwoods Hey Jack! AOH
Low Hunter: National Champion
Junior Half-Welsh & Part-Bred Englsih Pleasure:
Reserve National Champion

Rollingwoods Up Up and Away

Rollingwoods Walk Softly 
Junior Half-Welsh English Pleasure: 3rd Nationally 

Rollingwoods Walk Softly Ribbons .JPG

Madyn Starman LOM/AOE
Child's First Pony: Reserve National Champion 

Adult Pleasure Driving 12.2 & Under: Reserve  National Champion
Carriage Driving: 3rd Nationally 
Section A Geldings 3 & Over Halter: 3rd Nationally 
Leading Rein: 4th Nationally 

Madyn Starman LOM/AOE

Rollingwoods Talking In Rhymes 
Adult Half-Welsh & Part-Bred English Pleasure: Reserve Champion

Rollingwoods Talking in Rhymes.jpeg

Here-Be Bacardi Myst 
Junior Half-Welsh & Part-Bred Hunter: 4th Nationally
Half-Welsh & Part-Bred Stallions and Geldings 3 & Over Halter: 3rd Nationally 

Here-Be Bacardi Myst

Rollingwoods Undeniable
Junior A/B Hunter 12.2 & Under: 3rd Nationally 
Leading Rein: 3rd Nationally 


Rollingwoods Undeniable LOM

Ser Mio Rose Delight LOM
Child’s First Pony: 4th Nationally 

Ser Mio Rose Delight LOM

Rollingwoods L of A Rainbow
Adult Pleasure Driving Half-Welsh & Part-Bred: 4th Nationally 
Carriage Driving: 4th Nationally 
Half-Welsh & Part-Bred Mares 3 & Over Halter: 4th Nationally 

Rollingwoods L of a Rainbow


Alex Clark
All-Around 13-17 Junior High Point
Junior Hunt Seat Equitation: National Champion

Junior Handler 13-17: Reserve National Champion

Rollingwoods Undeniable LOM

Grace Morgan
Junior Hunter Seat Equitation: Reserve Champion

Rollingwoods Up Up and Away.jpeg

Cassie Polus 
Adult Hunt Seat Equitation: Reserve National Champion


Anna Hutchinson
Adult Hunt Seat Equitation: 4th Nationally 

Rollingwoods Talking in Rhymes_edited.png
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